Adult Bible Fellowship

Person reading Bible

What is it?

Our Sunday Morning Adult Bible Fellowship at GracePoint is designed to be a smaller community for Christians to study God’s Word and discuss how it applies to our daily life. We typically offer one to three groups.

When is it?

We meet at 9:15 each Sunday morning. So bring your kids for Sunday School, then join us for coffee and learning! 

New Adult Bible Fellowship - starting Sunday, February 11th at 9:15 AM - We will be using a book by John MacArthur, 40 Lives in 40 Days, for a study that will help us experience God's grace through some of the Bible's most compelling characters.  God has often used everyday people - imperfect men and women who had the same struggles that we experience today - to accomplish His purposes, including the most amazing purpose of sharing the good news of the gospel.  We will study 3 characters each Sunday, and there will be built in time for smaller groups to connect for discussion and reflection. This will be a 14 week study that will take us to the beginning of June.  Everyone will have a copy of the book - it is a devotional style book that will help us reflect on how God used these compelling men and women described in the Bible.  Join us in ABF for great learning and fellowship!