Adult Bible Fellowship

Person reading Bible

What is it?

Our Sunday Morning Adult Bible Fellowship at GracePoint is designed to be a smaller community for Christians to study God’s Word and discuss how it applies to our daily life. We typically offer one to three groups.

When is it?

We meet at 9:15 each Sunday morning. So bring your kids for Sunday School, then join us for coffee and learning! 

Get to know the minor prophets this summer!

This summer during the ABF hour  we will be taking a look at the minor prophets.  Each week will focus on a different prophet, their message and the time of their ministry, and applications for us today.  There will also be programming on the same theme for children. If you are gone traveling one weekend, be sure to join us when you get back. While we will follow this general theme, each week will stand-alone.  I'm looking forward to the challenge of digging into some of these lesser-known books.