Youth Group


Welcome to the Youth Group at GracePoint Church!

Our goal for the students that come through our doors is for them to get to know Jesus and the Bible, and to learn how to live out their teachings in their day-to-day life. Youth Group is on Wednesday nights in the church basement. Middle school meets from 6-7:30, high school meets from 7:45-9:15.

We do this by:

Teaching Scripture - The Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and we hold that doctrine dear to our hearts. Our teaching focuses on scripture as our source of truth.

Honest Discussions - We teach on hard topics, and students get to take part in hard conversations about what the Bible teaches, and its application in our lives. Small group time allows for students to enjoy a safe place for discussion.

Fellowship - We give time for students to build interpersonal relationships and to become close friends with each other. This helps them to hold each other accountable and to best live out their Christian walk with close friendships to lean on.

Living Out Our Faith - We strive to give our students the chance to apply these teachings through missions trips, conferences, retreats, and local events.